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The Community Underwriters Specialty Program (CUSP)

Our proprietary insurance program is exclusively underwritten by and for community association specialists and managers, with a focus on personalized services and advanced loss control.


Since 2011, CUSP has saved policy-holders on average, 23% on expiring insurance premiums. More importantly, we make insurance enjoyable through a white-glove service model that is second to none.



Get Accurate Quotes, Faster

We cross-reference data points from different carriers and rely on predictive modeling to deliver legitimate quotes as soon as you need them.

Our objectives are to simplify insurance, mitigate risk, and reduce cost, all while managing a seamless insurance process to make your job easier.

Certified Insurance Counselors

Our Condo & HOA team is led by certified community association managers, as well as certified insurance counselors who excel at educating and advising consumers on risk mitigation, coverage requirements, legislative developments, economic and environmental impacts as well as identifying trends that can forecast changes in the market.

In addition to advocating on behalf of our clients, we also use our expertise to help inform the greater Community Association and Property Management communities by publishing articles in Quorum magazine.

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Our general assessment of current challenges facing the Condo and HOA insurance market:

  • Rates continuing to rise due to climate disasters
  • Premiums being pool-rated on broad-stroke levels
  • Claims affecting entire pool rates - one apple ruins the bunch
  • Shortage of IoT integration in buildings to avoid substantial losses
  • No sustainable solution against water damage 

Our expertise gives us the confidence to advocate on your behalf when working with trusted carrier partners to produce the fairest and favorable insurance outcomes, from rates, claims, and service requests.

Trusted Partners

We joined the CAI community to better understand the needs and challenges of community associations, property managers, and homeowners from a risk management and insurance perspective.   

However, immersing ourselves in multiple chapters by way of thought leadership, joining committees, and attending events gave us far more than we ever expected. 

As family members of the CAI community, we have forged relationships that will last a lifetime!

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